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Colour Analysis

Find out what colours complement your skin tone, eye and hair colour followed by a short make-up make over

Wearing the right colours and styles to suit your body shape can transform your look and impact on how you look and feel. The benefits of colour can add height, and slim the body, as well as giving your skin a natural, youthful and vibrant glow. You will never make another colour mistake again.


Included is an analysis of your skin tone, natural hair and eye colour and advice on how to wear your best colours using drapes of the seasonal colour analysis theory.  This process clearly demonstrates to you not only which colours suit you, but why!


The wrong colour (left) – uneven skin tone, colour overwhelms the face. The right colour (right) – eyes are more prominent, skin has a healthy glow.

Even the most sceptical find the outcome of their colour analysis the most empowering as it has the greatest impact on their personal style. Embrace those colours and apply a few basic rules for mixing and matching shades, it will transform your wardrobe and shopping habits, saving both time and money on wrong purchases in the long run. Your wardrobe will be smaller but everything will go together.

make-upOnce we have determined which ‘season’ you are, you will have a make-up make-over in the right colours for you. I am very aware of being kind to the environment as well as your skin so I am proud to work with natural products. See here for more details.

You will be given a personal swatch of colours which will be fully explained and will always be in your handbag, so that there are no more colour mistakes when you go shopping.

2 HOURS £135 1 person/ Discounts for 3 people or more
Larger party options also available.
Discounts offered to under 18’s.


Take a look at this brief colour analysis demonstration

Tropic Skincare – I am proud to be an Ambassador for this amazing skincare and make-up brand which is totally natural and chemical free. Tropic make-up is demonstrated during my colour and make-up analysis. Take a look here

Launched in 2020 Colour By Zoom

A fabulous innovation. Send me photos of you and I will analyse your colours before we meet on Zoom. A very powerful way to discover your best colours, described by one recent customer as even better than being draped as they felt they were on the outside looking in on themselves
£135, including a full colour swatch posted to you after the Zoom session
Would you like to know more? Give me a call

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