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About Me

niki-114I have always loved clothes. From a little girl with a dressing up box, to a teenager experimenting with colour who never went through the black stage. I have always felt better when I make an effort with what I am wearing.

I am a regular everyday Mum of 3 who has gone up and then back down a dress size or two  I worked in the corporate world, then with 3 very young children set up and ran a clothes business. I am now entering the menopause, so I have less of a waist than I used to and am keen to hide that.  I know what it’s like to want to look good but to be unsure about how that will work. I want to be fashionable, but age appropriate. I want dressing to be easy, everything to work together in my wardrobe so that when I have a meeting I don’t panic and spend ages worrying about what to wear.

Do you identify with these desires?  I have learnt many tricks to help with all of the above and can help overcome your anguish and take the stress out of dressing for you. I qualified as an Image Consultant because I love helping women feel fabulous and giving them renewed confidence. Stylists aren’t just for the rich and famous, but for any woman who wants to look good.

I offer a personal flexible service to create effortless style, build confidence and help you to feel great about how you look. As an accomplished relationship builder, I really care about your needs and will work closely with you ensuring you reach your style goals. 

My practical, friendly and affordable advice ensures that The Style Hall is a one-stop-place for professional women over 35 who want to look their best, improve their image and feel more confident in themselves, creating the right first impression.



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