Kick Start into the New Year

A great post to kick start you into the new year.  This time from another guest blogger, the wonderful Marianna Beckwith from Chocolate Box Coaching

Get some colour into your life
It’s drab enough outside without wearing black/dark colours too.  Put on a bright scarf, hat, socks, jumper:  anything to brighten up your day.  Get yourself some lovely colourful flowers and put them somewhere you’ll see them often.  And while you’re at it, can you make a bright screen saver for your pc/tablet/phone too?  Something else that you’ll look at frequently, and make you smile?  If you’re feeling really enthusiastic you could always get decorating…or have I gone too far with that one?

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“I just don’t feel like me anymore”

A new year post from the lovely Phillipa Taylor & guest blogger from

“I just don’t feel like me anymore.”
How many times have you said or thought this?

Traditionally this is the month to make resolutions (most of which will be binned by the end of the month) and to be faced with endless new year, new you articles in the media.  Personal development is something which should, in my opinion, be part of your everyday life and not just for January – but it’s got to be simple to do or it won’t stick as a habit in my opinion.

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Colour & Style with the big day in mind

Recently I had the pleasure of helping a lovely bride to be and her bridesmaids. Often when we get married we choose the same colour and styles for our bridesmaids, there is always at least one who looks and feels uncomfortable in her dress. With that in mind I offer a days package where I analyse everybody’s colours and style with the wedding in mind, so that everybody wears a dress that looks great on them in line with the colour scheme. We had a fun girly day, including a few bubbles and lunch and they all went away with a firm idea of which styles and colours would look best.

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