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Buying sunglasses?

It’s that time of year when you may be thinking of buying a new pair of sunglasses. What size, shape, colour should you buy? Buying a pair can be a minefield. So this will help you to help you make the right choice for you.  Obviously the same style rules apply for reading glasses too!

What shape is your face?

Sit in front of a mirror and look at the size, shape and length of your face. If your face is longer than it is wide? Then it’s most likely to be oval, oblong or rectangle. Almost as wide as it is long ? Round or square. Slightly longer than wide – Heart, inverted triangle, pear, triangle, diamond

So which glasses will work best for you?

Ovala very symmetrical face with strong bone structure & soft contours. Well balanced and proportioned
Keep the width the same as or slightly wider than the cheeks. Curved frames in proportion to the face. No extremes or any harsh angles

Diamond– small forehead, wider cheekbones, small pointed chin, facial lines straight and bone structure angular
Frames should be no wider than the cheekbones & without decorative side-pieces. Simple, rimless, delicate frames that have a slightly angular shape are best

Rectangle – Long face with angular contours, the forehead may be slightly wider than the chin and the hairline is often straight
Frames should be wider than the widest part of the face.  Softened square shapes are good with contrasting arms. The frames need to create a horizontal line across the long thin face, so a narrow rectangle will work

Oblong– Long face, chin is gently rounded, forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are as wide as each other.  Hairline often curved
Frames should be wider than the widest part of the face.  Softened angles are good.

 Round– Cheeks are full and are the widest part of the face. Face is symmetrical.  Small forehead and chin.  The length & width of face are roughly equal.
Soft angular shapes without being round or having curved sides.  Upward swept styles.  Rimless or sidepieces will slim the face.  Gentle ovals and softened squares with high set arms.  Glasses should not be wider than the face.

 Heart / inverted triangle– wide forehead and temples.  Narrow and pointed chin. If inverted triangle straight lines and angular bone structure.  Heart shapes curved & contoured lines
Frames should be no wider than the temples.  Rimless or lightweight frames work best.  Angles or curved to follow face shape with low set arms ideally. Avoid aviator styles

 Pear/ triangle– narrow forehead, heavier jawline, triangle – straight lines and angular bone structure.  Pear – curved & contoured lines
Frames should be as wide as, but no wider than the jaw line. Frames that increase in width at the top will balance the heavy jaw and make the forehead look wider. Try frames that are heavier on the top with rimless bottoms

Finally ensure that the size of the frames balances the scale of the face and the top of the frame follows the brow bone or is just below it – thereby not giving the impression of a double eyebrow!
The bottom of the frame shouldn’t touch the cheeks and the eye should be in the middle of the lens.

If you need any help with colours or shapes then feel free to give me a call on 07891086162
Happy sunglass shopping!!

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