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Charity Shop…ping

Charity shops have changed beyond recognition in recent years. They are often now colour coordinated bright vibrant places to be where you can pick up a good quality pre-loved bargain.

Thames Hospice shops are no exception as they are one of the leaders in this new concept. All of the shops are strongly branded with a similar, contemporary look and feel which is tailored to their locations. Clothing is hung in colour blocks and beautifully displayed. They all also stock handbags, shoes and accessories as well as menswear. New well-priced gifts are also available, including candles, notepads and make up bags.

There are currently 18 shops in the area, including a specialist vintage emporium in Windsor. They are building a new hospice to meet growing need, by Bray Lake; their shops generate income to help fund the Hospice’s running costs as well as the new hospice, set to open in 2020. Do take a look if you are passing. You will be pleasantly surprised and hopefully will be able to pick up a bargain. Explore the website for more information

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