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Guest Blog – Rachel Maunder, Trainer, Coach & Speaker

In continued support of other small businesses I am delighted to introduce Rachel Maunder.  Rachel works with professionals to help them develop a confident professional brand, so they communicate their own value with greater confidence and make more impact.


Drawing on her experience as a counsellor and as a magistrate. The role of mindset and resilience is always a key part of her work.  Please see Rachels website for more info

Does the prospect of a day spent in PJ’s delight you or fill you with horror?
I remember years ago coming across a paragraph in a book on ‘preparing for motherhood’ that warned me to be prepared to have days where I didn’t manage to shower or get dressed. In my head I shouted out ‘I don’t want this baby!’

While I know that many people relish the idea of a day in PJ’s and do that from a conscious choice, there can also be the risk of letting your self-esteem slide if it not getting showered, dressed and prepared for your day becomes a habit. So much so that you might not even notice it happening because you’ve reached the stage that you don’t see the point of making an effort with yourself.

The actress Nicola Walker, who plays the part of a successful lawyer in the TV drama series The Split said when interviewed that she starts to feel the part for that role as she steps into the outfit and straightens her hair.
Perhaps that’s the same for you.

There will be a reason that we tend to dress up for special occasions. The fun so often starts with the getting ready, putting on the outfits and getting in the mood. Even if you weren’t looking forward to an event, once you get yourself ready your mood probably starts to shift.
And that can apply on a daily basis.

When working from home, it can be all too easy to start work before you shower, leave washing your hair for that extra day, wear clothes more for comfort and less for style, perhaps no make-up, not shaving, etc – but how does you feel when you do that, day after day – honestly?

When we’re feeling low or out of sorts, those are probably the times when we’re most likely not to bother with how we look. We let our image reflect how we feel.
So how about reversing those low feelings by making an effort with how we look. Take that shower, do your hair, wear something colourful and/or that you feel really good in and see what a difference it makes.

At this time of so much change, uncertainty and stress, one thing you can control and make a conscious choice about every day is how to present yourself. Even if you don’t have any Zoom meetings one day (unlikely I know!) still make an effort for yourself. Dress just to feel good.

It honestly can make a big difference.

And of course, when you feel good about yourself – well, anything can happen.

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