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How Colour Psychology can help you choose the right colours for your business branding

I have the pleasure of meeting and working with so many talented and interesting people in my job. I met graphic designer and brand specialist, Alison Joshi a few years ago. She like me uses 4 seasons colour analysis, but in her case it is to determine your business branding rather than you personally. Please read on to find out how…

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Colour is very powerful as it has the ability to make us feel very different emotions; happy, relaxed, passionate, calm, successful etc..

In society we have pre-conceived ideas about colour, for example black and gold represents luxury and opulence, bright reds teamed with bright yellows communicate children focussed brands, greens teamed with browns represent more earthy, wholesome products.

Using colour psychology we can tap in to these ‘gut instincts’ and try and harness the right colours for your business to make sure you are communicating the right message to your target audience.


Colour psychology is the affect of different colours on human behaviour and responses. There are 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and each season has a distinctive personality, and with that there are certain colours, typefaces and shapes that help communicate those traits.

Colour works on a subconscious level in our brains, it is a lot faster than words or images and creates a gut response. For example, if you saw a plumber with a rounded typeface, their brand colours being bright red and yellow, you wouldn’t necessarily trust them when it came to installing your boiler. It may be they have great online reviews but your gut response would probably be to choose another company and you possibly wouldn’t be able to say why you didn’t trust them. One of the reasons may have been because bright reds and yellows are brand colours that are for more ‘child-focussed’ brands, think McDonalds, Burger King and Lego. Teamed up with a rounded typeface and the whole brand look and feel comes across as too child-like and not serious enough for an important job like installing a boiler.

This is a basic example but hopefully shows that our opinion of a business can very much be based on sub-conscious thoughts and feelings.

To ensure you are communicating the right message to your clients and potential prospects you have to work out what season your business is. Remember, we are not talking about your own personality and what colours best suit your skin tone, we are talking about what values and personality do you want to communicate about your own business. What is it about your business, the service you offer that makes you different from your competitors?


Last year when I was looking to re-brand Joshi was Janes I went on a journey to work out what season personality my business was. I had always known that colour worked on a subconscious level and there were reasons why certain colours worked better for some clients than others, but when I discovered colour psychology it answered the ‘why’ to some of my questions.

A lot of my learnings came from ‘The Brand Stylist’, Fiona Humberstone who is a brand strategist and helps businesses elevate themselves to the next level.

From my research I discovered that JWJ Design is a Summer personality with a touch of Spring. The main values and attributes I wanted to communicate about my business is the way JWJ Design approach each job, how we listen and are sensitive to our client’s feelings. Yes we are creative but not erratic, there is a balance and efficiency to our creativity and these key elements in our business personality are very much linked with the Summer brand.

Once I had discovered this, I could then go about choosing the right typefaces, colour combinations and graphic shapes that worked best. This gave me the confidence and clarity to then know that these are the right tones of colours and that I am effectively talking to my clients in the right way.

The idea of colour psychology is not meant to be restrictive, it helps give the business owner confidence. From the marketing material you create for your business, whether that is a social media post or a large pull-up banner, by understanding what season personality you are will elevate your business to ensure you are communicating all the right messages in your marketing.

If you are interested in knowing what personality your business is please do get in touch with Alison at JWJ Design She is able to create mood boards for clients to help illustrate what season they may be

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