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Kick Start into the New Year

A great post to kick start you into the new year.  This time from another guest blogger, the wonderful Marianna Beckwith from Chocolate Box Coaching

Get some colour into your life
It’s drab enough outside without wearing black/dark colours too.  Put on a bright scarf, hat, socks, jumper:  anything to brighten up your day.  Get yourself some lovely colourful flowers and put them somewhere you’ll see them often.  And while you’re at it, can you make a bright screen saver for your pc/tablet/phone too?  Something else that you’ll look at frequently, and make you smile?  If you’re feeling really enthusiastic you could always get decorating…or have I gone too far with that one?

Get moving
Don’t just sit there!  Seriously, get up on your feet once an hour at least, run up and down the stairs a few times, jog on the spot, dance, take a whizz round the block, or at least move as many different bits of you as best you can.  Get the circulation going.  Release those feel-good endorphins.  Go on, you know you want to!
Get your teeth into something healthy
Take a long, hard look at your fridge, freezer, cupboard, secret snack drawer, wherever you hoard, store or hide food!  You know what you need to eat now, and it’s not junk.  Give away, throw away, do whatever you have to do to help yourself to eat healthily.  And drink!  No, put away the egg nog and reach for the water.  Your body and brain need it.  Stick some lemon or lime slices in it, if plain water is too boring.
Get connecting
Go out and talk to people.  Texting or emailing is ok, but nothing beats a good one-to-one.  So, who haven’t you met in a while?  Meet up, or facetime.  Gather your tribe around you.  Arrange a night out to get talking, encouraging, laughing together.
Get chucking
Sorted out your food cupboards?  Good.  Now time to get de-cluttering.  Don’t take on a mammoth task; start with one drawer or shelf.  Then stop.  Or carry on, if you find yourself on a roll.  But get rid of something that really doesn’t need to be there.  You’ll be amazed how much lighter you feel, not to mention that little smug smile spreading across your face!
Get realistic
Not an excuse to procrastinate, but don’t set yourself up to fail by making a task too big or too difficult.  Start small and grow.  Make your to-do list manageable.  Don’t ask too much of yourself, or others, but do ask something.  This is not a time to vegetate, even if you think you’d rather.
Get peaceful
By this, I mean make time each day for a few minutes without distractions to just sit and do nothing.  Breathe deeply.  Listen to music, or to silence.  Relax.  The longer the better, but if this is challenging, start with a few minutes and build.  And the best time to do this, is when you feel you have no time to do this.  Trust me.  I’m a life coach!

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