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Personal Branding

“A strong positive self image is the best possible preparation for success” – Joyce Brothers (American Psychologist)

What is personal branding?
Personal branding is what makes you unique, it’s the brand you choose to create for yourself and it’s how others perceive you. Creating the right personal brand will maximise your potential and ensure people see you in the way you wish to be seen.

Where to start
It’s a little unnerving to know people judge others within the first few seconds of meeting, and, because at that point there is nothing else to go on,  the major part of this automatic assessment is based on the how you look and the way you behave.  Your handshake, voice, eye contact, business card and online presence all say a lot about you, as does the way you dress.

What are your business corporate brand values? Can you think of 3 – 5 adjectives that convey these values?  Now think about how you can weave these values into the way you portray yourself?

Perhaps you work as a designer? In which case you probably want to look “creative, professional and approachable” so a black business suit is unlikely to shout out original and creative. On the other hand if you’re a solicitor you won’t inspire confidence in many clients if you turn up in a vividly coloured jumpsuit!

Colour is so important and always worth thinking about What colours suit you and make you feel comfortable?  And, what do colours convey to the onlooker? For example, red is dynamic and confident, but too much can come across as aggressive. Whereas blue is a safer colour seen as both professional and trustworthy. The darker the shade, the stronger the message.

Pick out a few colours you love to wear and create a theme throughout your clothes to take the stress out of dressing.

What shapes suit you? Dress to suit your body shape. If you have a waist, don’t waste it – make sure you accentuate it. Remember, big and baggy clothing will make you look bigger.  If you have a big bust, pay attention to necklines which won’t suit you if they’re too high, but should never be too low for the workplace.

For an easy life (and who doesn’t want that?), you can create your own ‘uniform’.  If you are most comfortable in a certain style of dress, buy 5 or 6 dresses in similar styles, but different colours. Then accessorise with jacket,cardigan, scarf or jewellery with the colour theme running through. Ensure you wear make-up, even if only lipstick and mascara, it shows you’ve made an effort.

Use these colours and styles in your marketing. This will create a consistency and a brand people will trust because it is authentic to you.

Finally, always leave time to check yourself in a full-length mirror before you fly out the door to ensure your clothes are shouting the appropriate adjectives, and are filling you with confidence.

If you would like to discover more about your own personal branding, I would love to chat to you about this. I look forward to hearing from you.

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