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Colour Analysis

Approx. 1.5 hours £150 for 1 person.  A discount will be given for 3 or more people booked in the same session.
Larger party options also available.  Discounts offered to under 18’s.
Find out what colours complement your skin tone, eye and hair colour 

Replacement swatch
(complimentary with colour analysis) £30 each

Colour by Zoom

Provide me with photos which I analyse before we meet on Zoom. One hour, plus a full colour swatch sent to you £150

Style Analysis

2 hours £250 1 person / A discount will be given to 3 people or more.  Discounts offered to under 18’s.
Most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  By analysing body and face shape and tailoring that with your life style, I can help you wear the right things and make better use of your wardrobe.

Full personalised Style analysis by Zoom, 1 person 

Group Style Workshops by Zoom

More coming up soon, please message me for details 

Wardrobe Oomph 2 hours £150, Additional hours charged at £75 per hour

A part or complete wardrobe overhaul dependent on what you need – leaving you with an organised and streamlined wardrobe and a clear picture of what items you need to buy to fill the gaps. NB a complete overhaul requires at least 4 hours even on the smallest of wardrobes! In 2 hours we work on a section of your wardrobe e.g. work outfits!

Personal Shopping (in person or online)

2 hours £150, additional hours charged at £75 per hour
This will follow on from a colour & style analysis.  To get you started on the road to buying the right colour & style for you, for everyday wear or maybe for a special occasion. A focused approach, this will take the stress out of shopping.

Colour & Style Analysis for Men

2 ½ HOURS £350
Learn which colours, styles & fabrics complement your hair, eyes and skin tone to help you create the right impression.

Corporates – Colour & Style

£ dependent on requirements
I offer a complementary 1 hour consultation to discuss your needs and ensure that what I offer is completely tailored to your business requirements and group size.

Corporate showcase – a 1 hour presentation giving style & colour tips & an introduction to how I could help you.

Package Options

Colour & style analysis – approximately 4 hours £390

Colour analysis, style & wardrobe decluttering – 6 hours Includes a free 1 hour session 3 months later to review – in person or over the phone/Skype £530

Complete Package – Colour analysis, style, wardrobe decluttering & personal shopping – 6 hours plus 2 hours shopping on a separate day.  Includes a free 1 hour session 3 months later to review – in person or over the phone/Skype. £675

Groups of 4 or more, parties – £dependent on requirements

Group colour and/or styling sessions will be tailored to include what you and your friends would like.  It will be informal and fun, helping you and your friends to learn your individual colour seasons, style tricks & tips on building a wardrobe.  Include champagne and/or a cream tea to make the day even more special. Following the colour session everybody will receive a free colour swatch worth £30.

Corporate Packages – £ dependent on requirements, always tailored to your individual companies needs.

Colour and/or style talks, interactive presentations for local groups or businesses – please contact me to discuss your needs

Gift Vouchers available – from £25 off a consultation of your choice up to a Complete package voucher.  A great Christmas or birthday idea.  I can even send your loved ones a hint on your behalf!!


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