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Styles for 2020

You will I am sure be delighted to know that 2020 is bringing back lots of familiar fashions that you may hopefully still have in your wardrobe.

Black or white skinny jeans – yes you read that right, white in winter! A nightmare if you have young children or worn out on a muddy day, but with the right pairing they can look very chic in winter. Regarding the ‘skinny’ part – not for everybody, but if you’re slim legged and not too curvy skinny jeans will look fab. If you’re more like me with as an old school teacher once described me ‘Queen Anne legs’, then slim bootleg or straight leg will look and feel better as they balance out the body. Most of us don’t want to look dated but fashion is about dressing to suit you.

Knee-high boots.  A favourite of mine to cover those Queen Anne’s I mentioned and can make a dress / skirt outfit look much more edgy than a classic pair of heels.  If you have skinny legs the over knee boot can look fabulous, likewise if you have bigger legs then try a stretchy suede boot.  It is worth spending as much as you can afford on a quality comfortable boot as they will last you.

White shirts – yippee, I for one am delighted to see that this wardrobe staple hasn’t gone out of fashion. I am a big fan of a white shirt as they look so crisp, bright and fresh. If you have a warm complexion then go for cream rather than white as it will be too harsh against your skin.

Hikers and bikers – we are talking about boots here rather than the male variety!! Lace ups, chunky ankle biker style, DM’s anything goes here so if they float your boat then go for it.  However, if you are very petite you will look all feet if you are wearing large items on that part of your body. Likewise, if you are vertically challenged it is better to have minimal detail on your feet as the eye will be drawn to that area and shorten you further. Tall, medium to large scale or just don’t care, then go for it!!!

Cargo pants –the elasticated ankle worn with chunky shoes look is not what’s in, we are talking much more slimline with a silky feel. Wear with slimline boots or rolled up with heels. Avoid too many patch pockets and the cropped look if you are short legged as they will shorten you further.

Polo neck – who would have thought it, yes the polo neck is in with a vengeance. Wear under summer dresses to extend their wear or with jeans or smarter trousers for a more formal look.  If you are blessed with a bigger bust then this look probably won’t be your chosen one, so go for a lower neckline to compliment your shape.

The Army look  – great if you have a warm complexion but a nightmare for those of us with cooler skintones. Patch pocket shirts, jumpsuits, khaki jackets and trousers, lots of beige and camel.  Go for it if you have a natural clothing personality and can carry off this boyish look, but not everybody can get away with it.

Scarves, neckerchiefs – it’s time to rummage and find those silk scarves lurking at the bottom of your wardrobe. Continuing on from 2019 is the scarf tied at the neck, the bigger the bow the better.  If very petite or somebody that doesn’t do fussy then go for very small or no bow at all. Fashion is all about finding what works for you and tailoring it to your personal style and body shape.

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