I recently booked Niki to do a style analysis, wardrobe oomph & personal shopping experience. I had my colours done when I was a teenager, but Niki went through them to check they had been done correctly & remind me of the colours I should be wearing. I have been meaning to treat myself to this sort of experience for some time now, as always look into my wardrobe & feel I have nothing to wear, even though it is full of clothes!! I have found it even harder after becoming a mum & finding outfits that suit you, but also the lifestyle of being a mum as well as having a full-time job. During the wardrobe oomph, Niki discovered that whilst my wardrobe was quite full, it really was lacking most of the essentials!! We made a long list of items for our shopping experience & it was a long list!! Whilst I normally hate clothes shopping, the shopping experience was an absolute pleasure & I think I bought more in 1 day than I have over the last 10 years!! And I have the re-assurance that they all suit me & co-ordinate together. We mainly concentrated on my work wardrobe & I can honestly say, when I open my wardrobe now, I have the dilemma of which outfit to choose … a nice dilemma to have!! Not only that, my new outfits have made me feel much more confident going into presentations at work. Even my daughter, probably my biggest critic, said “can I borrow your new clothes, mummy!!”. Niki is so easy to get on with & I have enjoyed the entire experience & now feel much more confident when clothes shopping by myself. Would thoroughly recommend Niki to anyone who feels they have nothing to wear!! Thank you.

Claire Holdom, Mum of 2 & Interior Designer

Niki is so easy to get on with & I have enjoyed the entire experience