“I booked Niki for a colour session for my daughter Lucinda and myself as part of her 18th birthday present… a lovely mother daughter experience on her birthday!
Niki welcomed us with a big cheery smile, birthday bunting and message on the mirror… a lovely touch making Lucinda feel special!
We launched into the Style Hall process of colour matching which was fun and informative and was interrupted only by a tea break with a birthday cake…made by Niki..!!
The colour experience was fascinating and Niki was aware that Lucinda is young and therefore will have her own ideas, but by showing her how the colours compared it was easy to see which tones were best on her.
We both found the experience relaxed and informative, we came away with our swatches of colour Spring for me, Winter for Lucinda… and I hope it will save us a lot of time and money buying outfits which are ‘not quite right’.
Niki’s personal touches made the afternoon special and I would recommend this bonding experience to any mother & child or indeed friends.”
Johanna Dodd, Mum and founder of Charity Williams Fund

Niki’s personal touches made the afternoon special