“Niki has kindly completed my colour analysis recently! It was a brilliant experience and the time flew by! It was a relaxing and fun session. Niki explains everything wonderfully. She really knows what brightens your skin tone and guides you in order to help you dress to the best of your best.
I can’t wait for my personal shopping experience with her next! Thank you Niki xxx”
Vicky, Beauty Therapist and Mum of 2

A fun and relaxing session

“Niki recently did both my colour and style and it was a fun, enabling and exciting experience. I learnt a lot and Niki made me feel good about myself all the way through. It was great for my self-confidence and I am now enjoying putting into practise her thoughts and clear, personally tailored advice. Shopping has become quicker and cheaper as I know exactly what will work before I get to the changing room. If you are thinking of finding about how to make more of yourself and want to enjoy the process then Niki is a great find.”
Antonia, Teacher and Mum of 2

Great for my self-confidence

“I have very recently had my colours done by Niki, after several years of wanting them done! Niki made me feel completely at ease and explained how it all worked. After establishing what my colours are, I came away feeling much more confident in myself. I immediately sorted through my wardrobe and plan to have a big spending spree in the not too distant future.
A very BIG thank you Niki.”

I feel much more confident in myself

“I was a very lucky lady to win a colour analysis via Facebook and have just had the most amazing morning with the lovely Niki. Such a lovely lady, she puts you at your ease, invites you into her home & then transforms your life, can’t say this enough.
What a revelation… I’ve been wearing the wrong colours all my life! Who knew one shade of lilac/mauve/purple was different to another, & I thought I knew about colours. After a very leisurely morning of talking me through my colours & applying my make up, I felt I looked younger! No face lift involved.
If you need a testament to what she achieved in a morning, when I came home my husband actually noticed a difference & commented on the lipstick, when do men ever notice your lipstick? And also said I should wear make up more often! Not quite sure about that bit!
I can see there’s a big shopping spree on the cards.
I really can’t recommend Niki enough, just sorry I talked too much, she had trouble getting the lipstick on!”
Rebecca, Facebook competition winner

What a revelation… I’ve been wearing the wrong colours all my life!

“I recently had my colours done, which I really enjoyed and found a complete revelation! I was not at all what I thought I would be and loved seeing how much better my face looked when the right colours were placed on me. No more hours of shopping and coming back with clothes that are not quite right for me and with the little colour swatch choosing colours has been made easier. Nicki is lovely and made me feel at ease, so apart from it being really interesting and very helpful, the experience itself was fun! I highly recommend it and will have style analysis done too.”
Michaela, Photographer

I loved seeing how much better my face looked when the right colours were placed on me

“Yesterday I went shopping with Niki. It was a great experience and so good to have a knowledgeable and friendly expert with me. Before we went she had asked me what I was particularly looking for and had spent time reviewing collections so that when we got there she knew where would be best to take me. One great bonus was I went to shops I have never been to before. I bought better things with more confidence than I ever have. There were several items that I would not have taken from the rail that when I tried them on were great. Thanks a lot Niki – a great shopping experience ( I never thought I’d say that!).”
Antonia, Head Teacher & Mum of 2 teenagers

A great shopping experience

“Many would go to see an image consultant for themselves. However, I decided to take my bridesmaids with me to help make my dream wedding a reality using colours and styles I like that are best suited for my girls! It may not be something you’d think of doing, but this has been a truly inspirational, fun filled girly day out. It’s a weight lifted knowing that my bridesmaids who are all different shapes and sizes will be happy, confident and comfortable in colours and styles best suited for them. Reassuringly, I know that my bridesmaids can now give me – the bride – as much attention as required on one of the biggest days of my life!!! happy bridesmaids makes a happy bride”
Emma, teacher and Bride to Be

Niki helped to make my dream wedding a reality – an inspirational fun filled day!

“I booked Niki for a colour session for my daughter Lucinda and myself as part of her 18th birthday present… a lovely mother daughter experience on her birthday!
Niki welcomed us with a big cheery smile, birthday bunting and message on the mirror… a lovely touch making Lucinda feel special!
We launched into the Style Hall process of colour matching which was fun and informative and was interrupted only by a tea break with a birthday cake…made by Niki..!!
The colour experience was fascinating and Niki was aware that Lucinda is young and therefore will have her own ideas, but by showing her how the colours compared it was easy to see which tones were best on her.
We both found the experience relaxed and informative, we came away with our swatches of colour Spring for me, Winter for Lucinda… and I hope it will save us a lot of time and money buying outfits which are ‘not quite right’.
Niki’s personal touches made the afternoon special and I would recommend this bonding experience to any mother & child or indeed friends.”
Johanna Dodd, Mum and founder of Charity Williams Fund

Niki’s personal touches made the afternoon special