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Wardobe Oomph

Your wardrobe can be tackled in the following ways:-

A complete wardrobe overhaul – leaving you with an organised and streamlined wardrobe and a clear picture of which items you need to buy to fill some gaps, (if necessary). A complete overhaul, even with the tidiest wardrobe, take at least 4 hours.

How it works

Initially we evaluate your wardrobe, sorting items that work for you and those that don’t, eliminating tired clothes, the wrong colours and those unflattering for your body shape.  The clothes that are left should be comfortable and make you feel good. We will then give your wardrobe an oomph by creating new looks and combinations.

We will make a shopping list together for any extras needed, maybe a few key pieces to mix and match to create a great look for any occasion.

4 hours £300 (additional hours charged at £75)

A Mini Oomph – targeting key areas. e.g If you are wanting to give your workwear a boost, or need to focus on your casual/going out clothes, we will help you sort our your wardrobe in smaller more manageable, bite size chunks.  We would create a shopping list as we go for any items needing replacing or to fill any gaps.

(If we discard quality pieces we offer a sales service with Vinted where proceeds are shared 60/40 after costs are deducted.)

2 HOURS £150, Additional hours charged at £75 per hour

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