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Why your mug cupboard is a bit like your wardrobe!

This is my favourite mug. It’s bone china, so it’s easy to drink from. It’s lightweight to hold. It’s a good size so holds about the right amount of liquid. Most importantly it was bought in my favourite place in the world and it’s unique as it’s a limited edition, so if it breaks I won’t be able to replace it.

So, when I have a hot drink this is my first choice. Yet our cupboard is full of mugs of all shapes and sizes and I bet every member of my family has their favourite However, there are numerous mugs which rarely get used.
The difference with my wardrobe is that it only contains my clothes and of course others don’t use it. (Except when my daughters steal things!😂)
However, that mug is like your favourite item of clothing. The fabric feels great, it fits well, you feel comfortable in it. It’s a great colour which tones really well with your skin. You go to that piece when you want to feel and look good and it goes with pretty much everything in your wardrobe.
The difference between the two, is that if you use the same mug every single day nobody would notice other than you. However if you wear that same item of clothing not only will others notice but you will quickly get very bored.
The point of all of this is that this unique mug represents several outfits/ pieces in your wardrobe which I hope you enjoy wearing and coordinates with other things in your wardrobe.
However, like my mug cupboard (which could do with a clear out) the wardrobe works so much better if what you have in there is worn regularly
So play this game with yourself. Turn all of your hangers round in your wardrobe to face outwards and make a note of when you do this. When you wear something and put it back in, turn the hanger the other way. You can than easily see what you have worn over 6 months.
If you haven’t worn it, why not? If you’re not likely to wear it then maybe it’s time to get rid of it.
I think I might try a similar thing with my mug cupboard. Now, where are those tea bags …….

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